Zedd, Olivia Culpo Got Very Flirty During the First Weekend at Coachella

Zedd & Olivia Culpo New Couple Alert?!? Flirty Coachella Weekend!!!

4/17/2019 12:30 AM PDT


Zedd and Olivia Culpo are THIS close to setting off the “New Couple Alert” … ’cause they sure looked like a couple of crazy kids very much into each other after getting all cozy at Coachella!!!

We’re told the famous Russian-German DJ and the former Miss Universe were cuddling in the artist area during Ariana Grande‘s set at Coachella. Check out the vid … it appears Zedd had his arms around Olivia as Grande performed “God is a woman.”

Witnesses tell us they were together for the whole set. His arms were around her as they swayed together. She would lean her head back on his chest … the universal code for “I’m into you.”

And, get this … Zedd had a performance scheduled a few hours before Ariana’s. When he went onstage … guess who was backstage? Yup … Olivia and her hot friends. But, here’s what else is interesting … this fling seems to come just days after Olivia was spotted with another star … NHL’s Aaron Varos.

Olivia and the New York Rangers star were on a double date just last week at Soho Hollywood. They were hanging with her best friend Cara Santana and Jesse Metcalfe. So, ya gotta wonder … was Olivia’s date with Varos a one-off and is Zedd more her jam???

Whatever the case … one thing that seems certain — Danny Amendola‘s in her rear-view mirror.

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