Julie Chen Returns to Hosting ‘Big Brother’ in Wake of Les Moonves Exit

Julie Chen Back to Hosting ‘Big Brother’ … Business as Usual

9/13/2018 6:24 PM PDT

Julie Chen is back in her natural habitat at “Big Brother” — which she returned to hosting this week without addressing her husband’s resignation from CBS.

Thursday’s episode opened with a cheery Julie front and center recapping the previous episode’s events and teasing the double eviction drama that was set to unfold. Julie did not mention anything about Les Moonves or her absence from her other show “The Talk.”

She did, however, receive a warm round of applause … as if nothing had happened.

Some thought Julie would take a moment to talk about the scandal that’s rocked CBS at the top of the show — her first appearance on camera after her CEO hubby stepped down from CBS after being accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women. It might not be that surprising that she didn’t though, ’cause she strongly hinted where she stood on the matter before the broadcast. 

As we reported … Les Moonves resigned from CBS this weekend, which caused a big shake-up on the Board of Directors. 

‘Big Brother’ is still playing out right now … so it’s possible Julie could speak on the subject toward the end of the show.

Story developing …

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