Jessica Simpson’s Foot Swells Like a Balloon During Pregnancy, ‘Help!’

There’s trouble afoot … 

Jessica Simpson is beggin’ for help after suffering an extreme case of edema during her pregnancy … one that’s caused her left leg to take on more water than the Titanic. 

The 38-year-old reached out to fans for tips on Thursday night — saying, “Any remedies?! Help!!!!” 

Edema is pretty common but if you’re in pain, you should DEFINITELY go see a doctor. 

Unclear when she’s due, but Simpson announced her pregnancy back in September — and with most people going public around 12 weeks, the assumption is she’ll pop around April. This is her 3rd child — she already has 2 with husband Eric Johnson, a former NFL player. 

Tons of people have already reached out to Jessica with tips. Our advice? Condoms. But, we’re not doctors. 

At least J Simp’s toenail polish is on fleek. Feel better! 

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