Colin Kaepernick Touches Down in L.A While AAF Kicks Off

Colin Kaepernick Touches Down In Los Angeles … While AAF Kicks Off

2/11/2019 7:57 AM PST


Here’s video of Colin Kaepernick arriving in Los Angeles while the rest of the non-NFL football world shows out for jobs by playing in the AAF … something Kap clearly has no plans of doing.

Kap wasn’t saying much when we got him at LAX … dodging questions about politics, the Super Bowl, and even what he was listening to on his AirPods.

Though Kaepernick was quiet … his inaction is loud … because while former NFL players like Trent Richardson, Christian Hackenberg, and Zac Stacy got busy in the new upstart league, Kap didn’t.

Colin has shown ZERO interest in furthering his football career anywhere other than the NFL, seemingly because he believes he’s proven he’s got what he takes for the league, and his absence is about politics and not performance.

As for the AAF, we gotta say it was pretty entertaining … who knew Trent Richardson could actually play football well?

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