The What’s Happening Report Returns on Wednesday May 16th


I’ve been listening. I have taken note. You are missing the What’s Happening Report. Well, guess what? I have been missing bringing it to you. However, the time has come for its return. The What’s Happening Report is making its big return on Wednesday May 16th!

If you’re new to the brand and never got the chance to experience what the Report is, it’s the official newsletter of What’s Happening Myron. It’s where I bring you the latest information on local entertainment, including events, concerts, parties, networking functions and more! Each What’s Happening Wednesday, I will deliver the 411 in your email box. The only thing you have to do is just sign up, I’ll do the rest. Click HERE or just simply look to the right-hand column of the website and enter your email address in the box and never miss another event again!

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