New Version of New Edition?

screen-shot-2018-05-09-at-10-04-21-pmI know, I know. I was thinking the same thing. Well, apparently, there has been some restructuring of my generations favorite group, New Edition. From everything I have read, it looks like Johnny Gill and Ralph Trezevant are no longer a part of New Edition and as it stands the remaining members have formed yet another off-shoot of the original group and are wasting no time getting on the road to a city near you.


First there was New Edition, then there became the solo careers of Bobby Brown, Ralph Trezevant and Johnny Gill. Then the remaining members Michael Bivins, Ronnie Devoe and Ricky Bell formed Bell, Biv, Devoe. Then later, Bobby Brown, Ralph Trezevant and Johnny Gill began touring as “The Heads of State”, although they never released any original music together. So now, with the exception of Gill and Trezevant, they present to you, “RBRM”, short for “Ronnie Bobby Ricky Mike”.

Ok, here’s the next question after “What the hell?” Why is Johnny Gill and Ralph Trezevant not a part of the group anymore?

Well of course, these guys are known for breaking apart, doing their own thing and eventually coming together and touring as a group from time to time over the years. But now it looks like they couldn’t agree to come together one last time.

Recently, member and the group’s spokesman, Michael Bivins addressed tension in the group and stated that he understands why fans have been frustrated regarding the possibility of a new group tour.

It’s been rumored that the tension includes a trademark dispute. Apparently, Johnny Gill and Ralph Trezevant actually owns the New Edition trademark, which explains why the remaining members are touring under the new name.

Who knows? I think it makes no sense to be together all of these years and now decide that they want to break up the group and possibly not ever perform together again. All we know is that we love New Edition and we would love the opportunity to see them all on tour, Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph and Johnny. However, until then the RBRM tour kicks off in Atlanta this month.

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