April Author’s Spotlight: Kelvin “Six-Four” Cowans

20180325_203951Kelvin “Six-Four” Cowans is the author of the book “The Whispering Woods of Sherra Wright”. The subject of the book, Sherra Wright, will be soon standing trial for the murder of her husband, Memphis NBA star Lorenzen Wright.

What was meant to be a meeting for a feature story surrounding the 5th year anniversary of her husbands unsolved murder, eventually grew into an attraction and an eventual relationship between Cowans and Wright that lasted 2 years. In his book, he recounts his life with Ms. Wright and her children as well as the events leading up to her arrest.

Wright and her associate Billy Turner has since been arrested for the murders of Lorenzen Wright. They both remain in custody and will be standing trial soon. There has been a lot of news coverage regarding this story, however Cowans gives a first -hand account of conversations and revelations from his perspective. He has written a number of books over the past few years, however this particular book has a close personal connection between himself and the plot.

Mr. Cowans is our Featured Author for the month of April. Be sure to join us for the What’s Happening Myron Book Club Meet-Up Saturday, April 28th from 4-6pm at Best Friends Grill, 823 Exocet in Cordova. He will be discussing his story and signing copies of his book. We would love to see you there!

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