Ring & Amazon Sued Following Claims That They Have Failed To Secure Their Security Cameras Against Hackers

There have been reports of people’s “Ring” security cameras being hacked. Now action is being taken after the company is being accused of failing to secure their products from hacking.According to TMZ, Ring and its parent company, Amazon is facing a class-action lawsuit, and the named plaintiff, John Baker Orange, […]

Family Of 21-Year-Old Destiny Harrison, Who Was Murdered Inside Her Own Baltimore Hair Salon, Is Asking For The Public’s Help In Finding Her Killer

While most of us are continuing the happiness of celebrating the holiday season, sadly there are others who are dealing with the aftermath of unspeakable tragedy. The family and friends of Destiny Harrison are heartbroken after she was killed inside her Baltimore hair salon.@BaltimoreSun reports, 21-year-old Destiny Harrison was fatally […]

Iowa Woman Charged With Attempted Murder After Deliberately Running Over 14-Year-Old Girl Because She Was “A Mexican”

Racism reared its very ugly head recently in the state of Iowa—and a 14-year-old girl was the unfortunate victim. According to reports, a woman from Des Moines, Iowa deliberately ran over a teenage girl because she believed her to be Mexican.@NYTimes reports, Nicole Marie Poole Franklin, 42, of Des Moines, […]

Former North Carolina Sheriff Deputy Charged With Assault After Video Shows Him Body Slamming A Middle School Student (Update)

Earlier this week we reported that a Sheriff Deputy at a North Carolina middle school had been fired after video showed him body-slamming a student. Now that former deputy has been charged with assault following the incident.According to ABC News, the former deputy who was a school resource officer for […]

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