Orlando Brown Claims He Had A Sexual Relationship With Nick Cannon—Nick Fires Back Asking For Fans To Pray For Orlando’s Mental Health & Addiction Issues

Roommates, social media was up in arms today after a video surfaced of troubled former child star Orlando Brown claiming that he had sexual relationship with Nick Cannon. After a few hours, Nick responded—and it wasn’t how many expected.Seemingly out of nowhere, Orlando Brown dropped some explosive claims against Nick […]

Bernie Sanders Responds To Hillary Clinton Saying “Nobody Likes Him”

Bernie Sanders has officially responded to Hillary Clinton’s previous comments that “nobody likes him”—and he’s surprisingly unbothered. He’s instead focusing on Trump’s impeachment hearing which is has officially gotten underway.Earlier this week, social media erupted when comments from former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton revealed just how she really feels about […]

Oprah Winfrey Says Her Decision To Step Down From Producing The Documentary Featuring Russell Simmons’ Accusers Is Not A Victory For Him

Earlier this month it was revealed that Oprah Winfrey had stepped down as a producer on the documentary that features women that have accused Russell Simmons of sexual harassment. Now Oprah is opening up more about her decision and reiterates her decision had nothing to do with being pressured.She said […]

Attorney For Aaron Hernandez Says Netflix Doc Got It Wrong–His Client Did Not Take His Life Over His Sexuality

A lot of people watched Netflix’s Aaron Hernandez documentary over the weekend and given all its buzz, it seems like the late football player’s attorney was prompted to say something about what he felt was an inaccurate portrayal of Hernandez’s life.The documentary, “Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez” implied […]

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