ASAP Rocky Says He Still Wants To Raise Awareness For Immigrants And The Less Fortunate In Outside Areas After He’s Denied Access To Donate And Perform For The Inmates In Sweden

Jade Whiteside

We all know that ASAP Rocky had a life-changing experience after he served some time behind bars in Sweden earlier this year. This month he is scheduled to make a return to the country for the first time since he’s been released from jail.He has been very vocal about helping […]

Owner Of Miami Sandwich Shop Confirms Witness Statements That Brother Nature Was The Aggressor In Viral Fight (Exclusive Details)

The owner of the Miami sandwich shop where a fight between influencer Brother Nature and a few other patrons went down is very upset about the way the story’s being told on social media.In addition to releasing footage of the fight via the restaurant’s Instagram page, the owner of La […]

Pinterest And The Knot Will Stop Promoting Plantation Weddings On Their Sites But Plantations Can Still List Themselves As Venues

It’s almost 2020 and people are still getting married on plantations. For those who aren’t familiar with that controversial southern affair, people actually choose slave plantations for their wedding venue.It’s a practice that #Pinterest and #TheKnot, two of the country’s biggest online wedding platforms, are apparently just now realizing is […]

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