Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Reunite Backstage At The SAG Awards And Fans Are Freaking Out

Bridget Hill

Charisse Van Horn Jan 19, 2020 7:51 PM PST Source: Getty Images for Turner Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston both won Screen Actor Guild Awards (SAG) and the two were photographed spending some time together backstage. Fans are freaking out now that photos of the two holding hands, smiling, and […]

Watch Jennifer Aniston And Reese Witherspoon Announce Russell Crowe As Golden Globe Winner And Deliver His Climate Change, Australian Bushfires Speech

Charisse Van Horn Jan 6, 2020 2:37 AM PST Source: HFPAA Photographer It was a big win for Russell Crowe at the 77th annual Golden Globe Awards Sunday night, but unfortunately, he couldn’t be there due to the Australian bushfires, as reported by Todd Malm. Russell’s was the first award […]

Is Angelina Jolie Going Overboard With Botox And Fillers Because Of Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston?

Bridget Hill

Charisse Van Horn Jan 4, 2020 7:19 PM PST Source: Angelina Jolie/Wanted/Universal Pictures Is Angelina Jolie going overboard with botox and fillers due to Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston? Current reports suggest that the 44-year-0ld Oscar winner and mother of six is becoming obsessed with reclaiming her youth. The National […]

Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston To Sit Close At The Golden Globes – Here’s How The Exes Feel About The Seating Chart!

Nick Markus

Nick Markus Jan 3, 2020 2:42 PM PST As it seems, the former actor couple will be seated really close to one another at the Golden Globes on January 5! It’s been almost 15 years since Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s separation but the stars are friendly nowadays! 2019 brought […]

Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Should Get Back Together As Soon As Possible, According to This Famous Woman

Mel Walker

Dylan Fisher Dec 18, 2019 2:56 AM PST On December 15th, fans of the former power couple, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, were once more delighted to see them together. This is the second time this has happened this year. It seems since splitting from Angelina Jolie, and Brad appears […]

Jennifer Aniston Inviting Brad Pitt To Her Christmas Party Was ‘Meaningful’ For THIS ‘Heartwarming’ Reason!

Nick Markus

Nick Markus Dec 17, 2019 3:55 PM PST Source: Brad Pitt was in attendance at his ex, Jennifer Aniston’s pre-Christmas party a couple of days ago and now, everyone is begging them to get back together! Of course, their reunion doesn’t necessarily mean they will be a couple once […]

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