Princess Beatrice Reportedly Cancels Engagement Party Amid Backlash Over Prince Andrew Scandal

Todd Malm

Rachelle Lewis Dec 8, 2019 5:10 PM PST Princess Beatrice has reportedly canceled her engagement party amid all the backlash over the Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Weeks after news broke that Prince Andrew was stepping down from his royal duties, the fallout is still impacting his family. The […]

Matthew McConaughey Joins Instagram And Shares Photo Of Woody Harrelson — Now Fans Demand Woody Follows Matthew!

Todd Malm

Charisse Van Horn Dec 8, 2019 4:34 PM PST Source: Matthew McConaughey/Instagram Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey joined Instagram last month and already has 1.9 million followers. He’s also being quickly recognized for sharing interesting photos of himself with fellow celebrities. Known for his southern-drawl and the catchphrase “Alright, alright…alright,” Matthew McConaughey […]

Riley Burruss Acknowledges That She Is ‘Privileged’ In Speak On It Video

Ricki Mathers

Ricki Mathers Dec 8, 2019 11:52 AM PST Kandi Burruss came under fire for getting her 16-year-old daughter a $5,500 New York apartment while she completed an internship at Kandi’s entertainment lawyer’s law firm. The mother-daughter duo appeared on Kandi’s Youtube series Speak On It where they addressed the issue. […]

Kandi Burruss’ Photo From Eight Years Ago Has Fans Praising Her – See The Work Of The Photographer Who Took It

Charisse Van Horn

Alexis Stone Dec 8, 2019 7:07 AM PST Kandi Burruss seems to be intro throwbacks these days. She’s been posting some older songs on her social media account, and now, she also shared a photo of herself from eight years ago that she said she loves. Kandi also wanted to […]

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