Wendy Williams Tells Gabrielle Union She Should Not Go Back To ‘America’s Got Talent’ If They Offered Her The Job Back After Controversial Exit

Nick Markus
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Nick Markus

Dec 3, 2019 11:55 AM PST

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding Gabrielle Union’s firing from America’s Got Talent lately and now, Wendy Williams tells the other star that if they give her the job back, she should turn it down! The talk show host stressed that she thinks Gabrielle’s exit from the talent competition is a result of ‘sexism’ and not racism.
While discussing this situation on her latest show’s Hot Topics segment, Wendy made it very clear that she agreed with Howard Stern’s statement that Simon Cowell chooses female judges only based on their looks.
This comes amid reports that she was eventually removed from the show due to complaining about the ‘toxic’ culture on the show’s set including situations in which they were racially insensitive towards her!.
Furthermore, one new report claims that Gabrielle is expected to have a meet-up with NBC executives to discuss ways in which to improve the environment of the show.
About that, Wendy said: ‘Well, I think this is terrific,’ before she went on to give the former AGT judge some advice: ‘Gabrielle, if they offer you your job back, I wouldn’t even take it. But, you know what I would take, a low key high-paying job as a consultant in the background for the show.’
She also agreed with Howard Stern, who, not too long ago, said that Simon Cowell ‘sets it up that the men stay no matter how ugly [men] are, no matter how old they may be, no matter how fat they are or how talentless they are. He replaces the hot women with hotter chicks and younger ones. … Howie’s doing a fine, serviceable job — why don’t they change him? And why don’t they change Simon? … This is the ultimate example of a boys’ club.’
Wendy was definitely on board with that theory even though she and Stern have had beef in the past.
She did stress that Simon was most likely not racist since he’d had relationships with black women in the past but that he was sexist.

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