Ray J Ditches Wedding Band As Princess Love’s Divorce Threat Looms

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Ray J
Already Ditched My Wedding Ring …
As Wife Threatens Divorce

12/2/2019 5:35 PM PT



Ray J is traveling a little lighter now that Princess Love says she doesn’t wanna be married to him anymore — he’s no longer wearing his wedding band.

Check out this pic of Ray J catching a flight at LAX Monday … his wedding ring is noticeably MIA from his left hand.


A zoomed-in view even reveals the tan line where Ray’s ring used to be. It’s been more than 3 years since he slipped it on when he and Princess Love got hitched.


Ditching the ring is a big change for Ray J. He was wearing his wedding band as recently as last month, but that was before his blowout fight in Vegas with Princess … and her threats of divorce with baby #2 less than a month away.

As we first told you … our sources say Ray J desperately wants to work things out after she accused him of leaving her and their daughter “stranded” in Vegas. We’re told Princess isn’t talking reunion though, and is still strongly considering pulling the plug.

Let’s face it, ringless Ray J ain’t a great sign for reconciliation.

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