Porsha Williams Finds It Painful To Relive Fiance Dennis McKinley’s Betrayal As His Cheating Storyline Airs On RHOA!

Suzy Kerr
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Nick Markus

Dec 2, 2019 8:37 PM PST

It was hard enough when she went through it so having to watch the drama unravel again, on the show this time, is definitely not something she’d rather do! Porsha Williams and her fiancé Dennis McKinley were involved in a cheating scandal and their relationship really suffered because of it!
In fact, they even split for a while but nowadays, it seems like they are giving it another try.
Regardless, the rough patch was very painful for the RHOA star and now that her heartbreak will be airing on the series as part of her storyline, she has to relive that pain once more!
As you may remember, the scandal came at a horrible time for them, not that there is ever a good time for cheating.
But still, the pair seemed really happy and they had even welcomed their baby daughter, Pilar Jhena, only three months before when the cheating rumors started going around.
As it turns out, the man had had an affair while Porsha was expecting their bundle of joy and he reportedly admitted to it during a therapy session together.
In the meantime, they have reunited but that does not take away from the painful experience that Porsha will have to go through again, in a way, as the show airs.
One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Porsha and Dennis have been working hard to get their relationship on track since the summer and they are doing better than ever. It was very hard for Porsha to forgive Dennis for cheating and it has been hard for them as a pair to relive it and hear people talking about it now that it is airing on TV. It was filmed months ago and they are in a different place now. They have done a lot of counseling and talking and hearing one another out.’
‘Porsha has seen a lot of positive changes in Dennis and she seems to have given her all into finding forgiveness. Porsha’s finding it tough to watch and Dennis has never really watched the show so he is definitely not interested in watching it now. It was a terrible time for them both,’ they went on to dish.

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