Justin Timberlake’s Incident With Alisha Wainwright Has This Celebrity Threatening Her Husband If He Ever Dares To Touch Another Woman’s Hand

Dylan Fisher
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Dylan Fisher

Dec 2, 2019 11:34 PM PST

Justin Timberlake has raised a few eyebrows lately, as reports have come out indicating that he was spotted out and about with Alisha Wainwright, holding hands with her and looking quite happy.
However, what drew the attention of many of his fans was the fact that Timberlake did not seem to have his wedding ring on, raising many questions about what he was doing with Wainwright, and how his current marriage was going in light of that.
Some have noted that it is entirely possible that this is just a coincidence, and the singer had forgotten his ring at home.
Others do not seem that convinced, however, and there has been a lot of speculation that Timberlake might be getting ready to announce a major change in his personal life sometime soon.
However, there does not seem to be any strong indication of that other than rumors, so it is hard to say what exactly is going on behind the scenes. It is possible that Timberlake and Wainwright are just good friends and nothing more.

It would certainly not be the first time that the singer had been spotted being friendly with another woman without there actually being anything unusual between them.
At the same time, the situation has drawn a lot of attention to him, and it does not look like he will be able to shake that off anytime soon.

Timberlake might actually face quite a lot of trouble in the coming weeks if he does not do anything to address the controversy with a statement coming directly from him or an interview instead of issuing denials via his rep or attorney.

Jana Kramer has decided to weighin on the scandal and made it clear that Timberlake, who is married and shares a child with Jessica Biel, was wrong to get extra cozy with his co-star.
Kramer was joined by her husband, Mike Caussin, and guest co-host Sara Cusick on her Whine Down podcast.

Kramer revealed: “It’s just wrong. It’s just – because again, you’re putting yourself in a bad situation of basically like, hey, you’re inviting the next step if there’s a next step. I would slaughter you if your hands were on someone else.”
Biel was spotted in Los Angeles a few days after the photos surfaced and she still had her wedding ring on.

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