NeNe Leakes Has Fans Laughing Their Hearts Out With This Video In Which She’s Spitting Some Rhymes

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Ron Collins

Dec 2, 2019 10:09 AM PST

NeNe Leakes is out there spitting some rhymes, and her latest video that she shared on her social media account has fans laughing their hearts out. Check it out below, and you’ll see why.
Someone told NeNe: ‘You are hilarious, but it’s so true. Eagles soar, ducks quack, squeal, and cluck. Continue being an eagle. 🙌🏽’
Another follower said: ‘Where’s your store in Miami. I am going there because your my older sister in my head. 😂 keep being blessed.’

One fan posted this: ‘I swear I liveeeeeeeee for all things you sis!!!!! #My4EverFav 🙌🏾🙌🏾’
Someone else wrote: ‘@neneleakes love you show them, sis, everybody mad, they can’t have any life without mentioning your name. You in every conversation. 😂’
A commenter said: ‘the best shade giver knew she couldn’t go to the bbq because she would send them all home.’
One follower posted this: ‘Sure is mad, how they think we want to watch a gathering without u! Cynth is trying it, and honey, it’s not working😍😍.’
Someone feels this: ‘Idk why, but I’m getting Megan Thee Stallion vibes from this look 😍😍.’
NeNe’s fans were baffled not too long ago when NeNe spoke about Kenya’s drama with her husband, Marc Daly. She really seemed pretty sympathetic.
She confessed: ‘You should continue to watch the show because I actually do give her some advice that I do not want to give away, so tune in. I will say this: I’ve been married the longest in the group. I love love, and I hate to see a family break up, so I definitely offer advice.’

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