KUWK: Khloe Kardashian Talks About Her Relationship With Tristan Thompson After Fans Gush Over Them

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Ashley Mitchell

Dec 2, 2019 11:35 AM PST

Are they still broken up? Back together? Perhaps they’re even secretly engaged? Fans of the Kardashians have been dying to know what the status of Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s relationship is after it was confirmed on the December 1 episode of KUWK that the basketball player gifted Khloe a diamond necklace AND a diamond ring!
Now, the reality TV star gave a little insight into what kind of relationship the two have and how they’ve been co-parenting their one-year-old daughter, True.
Following last night’s episode, many followers had questions about it and Khloe responded to some of them on her platform of choice.
According to her, despite their issues, when it comes to their child, they’ve been doing a good job being there for her as a true family should.
Of course, the episode last night was all about Tristan wanting more than just a co-parenting relationship with his ex and trying his best to win her back.
One fan gushed over them and in response, Khloe wrote: ‘We are co-parenting really well right now. It’s a great space to be in. Coparenting’s such a hard space.’
In another tweet, she also raved about the type of father Tristan is.
‘Tristan is amazing to her. She deserves that. We all make mistakes in life and none of us are perfect. I am not gonna hold on to that negativity because it’ll only hurt myself and the energy that I get to my child.’
Another post had someone mentioning how they wished Tristan ‘never messed up’ since he and Khloe look so ‘cute together!’
The Kardashian’s thoughts on this were pretty clear since she wrote ‘Same babe,’ before she went on to, once again stress that at least they are in a good space when it comes to their co-parenting which is something really hard to do.

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