Social Media Reacts To A Video Of YG Showing His Daughter A Bag Of What Appears To Be Marijuana And Asking Her What It Smells Like

Jade Whiteside
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Chile!! The internet is going in on YG after he posted a video of himself and his daughter in his Instagram story. In the video, he can be seen lifting up the bag and asking his daughter what is in the bag.She responds and says that broccoli is in the bag, as she proceeds to hold the bag in her hand. He then asks her what does it smell like, and as she sniffs, she smiles and says “broccoli.”Now the video has been removed from his account, however, that didn’t stop the video from making its rounds, and ya’ll know social media had to share their thoughts on the moment.YG has two beautiful little girls, his daughter Harmony, who appeared in the video, and also his baby girl Vibe, who he welcomed with his ex Catelyn Sparks earlier this year. Check out the video below and what people had t say on social media.The Internet is going crazy over YG allowing his daughter to pick up what seems to be “weed” yet calling it “broccoli” Are they overreacting? Cc @Gidi_Traffic— Gidifeednews (@gidifeedtv) November 9, 2019People are trying to justify YG showing his daughter his stash of weed by saying it’s legal in Cali, but why is he exposing his child to drugs— tosin 💛 (@tosinnn2) November 9, 2019People upset that yg showed his daughter bud lol. Don’t farmers smell their crops what’s the difference— Chris Kennedy (@Bosstalklive) November 9, 2019That YG video showing off his weed bag to his daughter is wild— The Midnight-Blue Don (@ScoobySteve15) November 9, 2019People are upset with YG for keeping it real with his Daughter at an early Age….I’m not sugar coating nothing with my daughter.— B.I (@B_IcomputerMCR) November 9, 2019I still can’t believe YG dead ass showed his little daughter his bag of weed and asked her what it smelled like.. I —— Hija De La Gran Puta. (@modamsshe) November 9, 2019I just know YG did not record himself giving his daughter a bag of weed asking her what it smell like 😂 I JUST KNOOOOWWWWW HE DID NOT post that.— kp (@diaryofkp) November 9, 2019YG daughter talkin about “broccoli “ LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO— jose (@GETDAJUICE) November 8, 2019Y’all see that video of YG showing his daughter that bag of weed… smh— Sabrina 🖤 (@SabrinaThaliaa_) November 9, 2019Roommates, what are your thoughts?

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