Drake Is Joining The Marijuana Business

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Published 6 days ago

Drake is officially becoming the latest rapper to join the weed business.

On Monday (November 5), the Toronto rapper posted a video on his Instagram account promoting his newest non-musical endeavor, More Life Growth Company.

The new business is named after Drake’s 2017 project More Life and the announcement comes after his company Dream Crew IP filed trademark applications in the United States and Canada last month.

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Documents released through the trademark filing (via XXL) say More Life Growth Company will focus on providing “cannabis products and herbs, medicinal herb extracts, herbal tea, rolling papers, dried plants as well as other merch and apparel.”

In the IG video, Drake teases the project with a brief clip of a scene featuring a biodome in a snowstorm with the company’s logo spinning around in the middle. No other information is present and the caption of the post is simply a “@morelife” tag, which leads to a private Instagram account.

Watch Drake’s Instagram post about his new weed company below.

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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