Patti LaBelle Reveals Dolly Parton Wanted Her To Sing ‘I Will Always Love You’ Before It Was Given To Whitney Houston

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Legendary singer Patti LaBelle has a collection of hits in her catalogue that many would kill to have, however there is one song that got away from her that she still wishes she would have performed. That song is the classic Whitney Houston track ‘I Will Always Love You,’ which Patti says was offered to her first.While appearing on the most recent episode of Bravo’s hit nighttime talk show “Watch What Happens Live,” Patti LaBelle dished on her long career, telling stories from her many decades in the music industry. However, things got really interesting when a someone called into the show and asked Patti about recording “I Will Always Love You.”The caller asked, how she felt when Whitney ultimately sang the song instead of her. She responded by revealing that her good friend Dolly Parton initially wanted her to sing the song and Patti was excited to do it—but before she could formally accept doing the song, it was given to Whitney to record for “The Bodyguard” soundtrack.Patti explained the situation like this:“I said to Dolly, ‘Oh yes, I want to do that song, honey!’ But before I could say real yes, it was in the movie and Whitney killed it. I was so happy Whitney got that song and it just went like it did. But Dolly Parton and I had planned it, she said ‘Patti, you’re going to sing that song,’ Next! That’s how show-business is!”Patti went on to say that she has never performed the song since it was given to Whitney out of respect, but she is considering adding to her show “someday.”Roommates, what do you think Patti’s version would sound like?

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