David Schwimmer’s Home Gets Unwelcome Visit by Brick-Wielding Man

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David Schwimmer
NYC Home Gets Unwelcome Visit
… By Brick-Wielding Man

10/27/2019 4:49 PM PT

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David Schwimmer‘s home became a landing pad for a guy who pivoted in the wrong direction — and, unfortunately, he got arrested for it … TMZ has learned.

A spokesperson for the NYPD tells us that a 29-year-old man named Eric Rosa was arrested early Sunday morning around 12:30 AM ET for criminal possession of a weapon and criminal trespass. So … what’s that got to do with our good friend, Ross Geller, you may ask?

As it turns out, the place this guy was nabbed at happened to be Dave’s East Village residence — a luxurious 6-story house, per online records — but it doesn’t appear to be an attempted break-in or targeted on the face of things … so Dave should be able to rest easy.

Here’s what happened, per law enforcement sources with direct knowledge. We’re told Rosa somehow made his way to a high up ledge that connected David’s building to a separate neighboring property, and the guy literally fell into Dave’s back yard.

You might’ve guessed it by now … our law enforcement sources say cops believe the guy was pretty wasted and lost his balance trying to walk between buildings.

Anyway, we’re told that while the man was in David’s yard … he found a brick and used it to smash David’s window, completely shattering it. Our sources also say that responding officers believed the guy was trying to alert someone that he needed help getting out.

Well, it got somebody’s attention alright. We’re told a person inside heard the commotion and called 911. BTW, David himself was NOT home during the incident. Still … pretty freaky.

Our guess is that this fella might’ve been trying to make his way to the ugly naked guy’s place across the way … and mistakenly dropped in on Ross’ crib instead. Doesn’t sound like anyone was there for him either until it was too late. Bummer …

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