London On Da Track Surprises Summer Walker With Gifts On Stage At Her London Show

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I think it’s safe to say we can put a pause on Summer Walker and London On Da Track breaking up.London showed out, ala Offset style, and popped up on Summer while she was performing on stage with a giant teddy bear and other gifts, ironically at her show in London.The crowd ate it up to and seemed to be happy that the producer and the singer were publicly making up.It also seemed like Summer enjoyed London’s grand gesture and even shared a version of the display on her own page, with the caption “Always surprising my a**.”London also shared a pic on his IG of the sweet reunion with the caption, “I’ll run bak to you before I let U walk away…slime love,”Now, about 24 hours before, Summer took to her IG story to let fans know that her and London were through!“Single. Lol somehow I always end up with male chauvinist. I’m a alpha female so I think for myself/make my own decisions it’s taken as disrespect,” Summer wrote in a cryptic note on her IG story.Their relationship, which has seemed to have its share of bumps along the way, is relatively new when you think about it. They have only been dating for a few months but for now, London and Summer’s relationship appears to be on the mend.

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